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Hummel Apparel
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This magazine spread design was aimed to represent a Business To Business approach to advertising. It was originally created for my Advertisement Class in my fourth quarter at Pittsburgh Technical College and updated to suit the desired outcome for my Portfolio 1 class.

As a soccer fan, I always wanted to create a design piece that interlaced my passion for soccer with my passion for design. However, I never found an opportunity that felt appealing and challenging enough to choose soccer as the ideal choice. When we were asked to create a magazine advertisement through a Business To Business approach, I immediately considered selecting a brand that doesn't hold a high stake in the soccer market to advertise its products to teams. The revised version selected the brand hummel with the idea of it being a good representation of a brand that could use exposure in the market.

I went with a minimal design with crucial information that targeted the teams and their needs. Highlighting the importance and focus of the brand in the quality of the products with the design's headline. To top it off, I included a bit of branding along with the repetition of one of the main design elements' color.

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