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Guanajuato Travel
Descriptions Below Images


Guanajuato Mexico is my home state. When I was prompted that I had to create a "16-pager" for my Multi-Page Documents class, I could not figure out what I wanted to do, but as I dug through my options I thought to myself, why not do something that connects to my cultural heritage. I decided to do a travel guide that could be used for both foreigners and natives alike. Later, I went on to create companion pieces and I thought a calendar would be a great way to display the riches of the area, and the door hanger would complement it all.


The booklet begins by showing how colorful the streets throughout the state can be, as well as giving a taste of how the document will be set up (English on the left, Spanish on the right). The inner pages have consistent typography as well as a light brown background with a sandy texture to match that of the environment in the state. They all share a layout where there's an image in the center of the two pages that also contains the city's name.


The calendar is a single page design with an image on the top and the dates on the lower part. There is a block on top of the image that contains each month in both Spanish and English, as well as the year. The table containing the calendar days has the top row with the days of the week in both languages, divided diagonally and differentiated by opposing color combinations. The background of the calendar is the same brown and texture as that in the booklet. As a footer, I implemented the states' logo as well as website and social media as a form of call-to-action.

Door Hanger

The door hanger holds a similar layout with a brown background with accents in a darker brown, and an image in the middle to attract the viewer's eye. One thing that differentiates the door hanger from the rest of the pieces in the campaign is the tilted square pattern added to border the text that holds a sale. Similarly, on the other hand, it has one side in English and one in Spanish. Both sides contain the same footer with the call to action and the state's logo as a call-to-action.

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