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Barcelona Pizza
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Barcelona Pizza is a small Pizza shop in Wilmington, DE. I've always thought that the restaurant had plenty of potential but could use an improved image. Therefore, I decided this restaurant would be a great challenge for me to create a concept rebranding. My intention was to improve the restaurant's image by creating a more appealing appearance that suits today's modern standards while maintaining a feeling of heritage.


This design was created to supplement my submission for judgment in Pittsburgh Technical College's July
portfolio show. I wanted something that would capture the recipient's eye while maintaining simplicity and only relevant information. I also maintained a correlation to the brand's standards through typography and other design elements. As one last touch of interactivity, I added a QR code that leads to the restaurant's website.

Standards Manual

Created for my Corporate Design class, the brand's standards manual was designed as a reference point
as to how the brand should be represented through different aspects of marketing. The design of the manual
itself is congruent with the information it holds. The brand's distinctive colorway is implemented throughout,
and the bullhead is integrated into the pages to increase the brand's presence.

Stationery Package

The Stationery Package was also created for my Corporate Design class. In continuation with the brand's standards, every piece of the package carries the brand's identity with it in the form of the typography and the colors used.

- The Letterhead holds the staple bars on the top and bottom of the page along with an additional space designated for the relevant information as well as the brand's logo. To top it off, the white space is taken up
by a subtle presence of the bullhead just as it is in the standard's manual.

- The envelope contains the logo as well as the same relevant information from the letterhead on the top left.
The same two bars with the brand's main colors act as a separation between the two elements. It also contains a sort of watermark with the word "Barcelona" just as it is in the brand's logo on the bottom right part of the envelope. As a final touch, the envelope's flap is painted in the brand's distinctive tint of brown with "Barcelona Pizza" on it with the thickness of the thin font on the brand's logo.

- The business card has an astonishingly simple design. It is completely dipped in the brand's distinctive tint of brown with the logo centered on one side and re-emphasized on the other side. The side with the smaller logo also holds the valuable information one would expect in a business card, this information is present in a way that creates a balance with the display of the logo.

Landing Page

The landing page was the second piece that I created to complement my submission for judgment on my school's July 2021 portfolio show. This page was intended to invite the visitors to sign up for the restaurant's loyalty rewards program by providing their contact information. Fully Coded from scratch using HTML & CSS.


I first created the menu for my Computerized Page Make-Up in my second quarter at Pittsburgh Technical College. However, with the new brand identity, I had to make a series of adjustments to include the brand's colors as well as imagery. Some of the changes included the addition of the staple bars on the top and bottom of the pages as well as changing the color of fonts to match those of the brand.

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