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Asystem Wellness
Descriptions Below Images


The brochure and newsletter were created for my production class at Pittsburgh Technical College back in my 4th quarter. This was perhaps our first instance where we learned how to better design for print. The class was more about the behind-the-scenes information, however, that didn't stop me from enjoying designing these projects. The brand as a whole proved to be easy to work with, but that also brought a new challenge, how do I keep it simple but not boring? I solved this challenge with the use of textures. I went with a variation of rock textures that gave a natural feeling that suits the brand and its values.

Magazine Ads

The magazine ads were completed in the same quarter but in my Advertising class. These ads were created in a business-to-consumer approach. They aim to attract the viewers' eye while creating curiosity about the brand and guiding them to the website. I decided to remain super simple, displaying some of the products on the first page with a catchy tagline. On the second page, a black and white photograph of one of the faces of the brand along with the brand's website as a call-to-action.


The newsletter holds important information that provides interesting facts about the brand to attract new customers to their products. On the front side, an image of the products and a manly sculpture began emphasizing the natural feeling of the piece, followed by a tagline and three points that the brand values, all tied in together by earthy greens and a rocky texture. The backside holds some basic information about the Advisory Board Members to clue the viewer into who makes the brand. Additionally, the bottom holds information about a season-specific line of products for the viewer to consider alongside a barcode that directs the viewer to purchase said products.

Tri-fold Brochure

Just like the newsletter, the brochure was meant to inform the viewer about the brand's mission and its values.

Apart from information about the brand, the inside holds a shot of a bundle of products, as well as information about them and their price. The outside holds contact information such as the brand's social pages and website.

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